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Brinkmann Gourmet...$59.00...was $97.00!!!

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I had to pull the trigger and grab one while they're still around...I've seen too many great smokes come off of these to pass it up. And, I needed another smaller charcoal grill for a back-up. A couple mods and I'll be good to smoke!

Great smokes to everyone!

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$60? Not bad at all, might just go grab one myself for that kind of price.
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Better hurry, peeps...I just checked availability...44 left in inventory.

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Dang, originally $97??? I bought mine at Lowe's for $60. Pretty sure that's the regular price:
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That is the regular price and at times they will go on sale for $49.
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yep bought mine at lowes too for 59$ just sold it for 30$
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Yea, wish we had a Lowes. Home Depot is...well, Home Depot...not a very good selection, at least of what I need or want to buy.

Must be, I would have bought one a year ago for that amount, no prob.

You must really love that UDS!!!

Some of us, including myself, don't have many choices in where we buy...sux, but, that's life. Any major cooking supplies and food purchases we make require a 180 mile R/T drive, or else buy what we don't want for alot more cash.

I just checked price/availability again after seeing more activity on this thread...they still have 40 in stock...peeps must not know how to do the mods to make a smoker turn out some fine Q.

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that smoker is what got me started and its good but its no uds so i figured i might as well sell it rather than it just sit around.
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