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Help with WSM access door

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I just got a new WSM 22" and an quite psyched. I assembled it last night and everything was perfect except the access door leaves gaps at the top and appears it needs to be bent to create a good seal.

Is it ok to bend it myself, and does anyone have any suggestions or advice on this? I'd prefer not to have to order a new one, it seems a little bending can do the trick.

Sorry if there is a thread on this already and I have failed to search enough.

Please help, if I don't get to use this tomorrow I am going to cry like a baby.

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UUmmmm its your smoker. If you want to bend, bend away!
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Yup bend away! Also you can use tin foil to help seal the door. I found after a few smokes and after the first 20 minutes of each smoke, the doro seals up nicely.

Other hints:


Seals that door right up! You wont be able to run and thermo probes through it tho.
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Yup... bend it a little at a time till you get the fit you want. I is light alluminum, so it is fairly easy to shape. If you want you can spend the $$ for the one from the Cajun Bandit site - also the grommits they sell are a good way to get a probe into the meat!
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Thanks very much for the info, advice and links!

Can't wait to get cooking on that thing.

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