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Build Help Needed for Searing

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I am currently modding an old Aussie Charcoal grill to sear steaks.

I am going to use Lump and/or wood for the heat source and had a few questions.
Note the position of the intake holes, there are 4 in the rear and 4 in the front.
Should I have the holes below the heat source, if so I will have to drill out more holes lower and place the fire grate above the new holes.

If I use the current holes the Fire Grate will be too high if the holes need to be below the fire grate.

I ordered a Porcelain Coated Cast Iron rack for the cooking surface and want that at least 4" above the coals.

Should I add another heavier plate for the bottom or is the one shown in the picture ok?
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I started my grilling with that model.

Once you load your heat source, the holes should be even with your source. In that model, as long as you have circulation & keep your top vent open, you shouldn't have any problems with intake. Turn it into the wind or breeze to help stoke your fuel & you should be good to go. I did not swap out the standard tray that came with mine but it worked fine. If you want, try the unit with the fire grate at the current level. Then, if you don't acheive your desired result, drill the holes. But I would give it a chance first before making any changes. It just may work out as is. Just my 2c. Good luck.
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Do you have a picture of the charcoal grate and where it sits? I trash picked this and have no idea what the inside should look like.
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I hope you can see this. It sits where you have that metal plate. Right on the bottom of the griller.
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Yes , thanks.
I stopped at home depot and they had one and noticed it had expanded metal over top, mine doesn't.
So I picked up a Weber 18" circular grid and that fits perfectly in the bottom.
I then stole one of my smoker porcelain grates and that fit on the rack holders almost too perfectly.
Picked up a chimney starter, pulled the steaks from the freezer and I am ready.
Only problem is the only lump I have is Cowboy.
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