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Mes customer service.

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For anyone thinking about purchasing a mes i have nothing but praise. My control panel went out, and the feet broke, and it is less then a year old, and kept inside. After the second phone call with mes my control panel, and 2 new legs were replaced for free. I was so suprised I thought I might have to pay since the warranty is only 90 days, and I was way past that. As soon as the rain clears, Im going to fire it up, and check the thermostat with the maverick therm to see if they match. The problem was the maverick was reading 305 degrees when the smoker was set at 250 degrees. I check the maverick in boiling water to make sure it was accurate and it was.
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The temp difference is common on most of our MES. The right side always seems to be hotter than the left, because some genius designer put the heating element & the exhaust vent on the same side. Mine usually come closer together after the heat levels out. Later in the smoke they may get within 15˚ of each other. There are various ways you can help, like putting tile (RonP) or a small sheet of metal on the right side to deflect some heat. Do a search, and you'll see what I mean.

As for their service, you must have gotten lucky. The two girls I talked to must have been on vacation.

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This is interesting i was off by well over 25 degrees at one point. That is why i requested a new control panel. So its possible the other one is good, and the mes is off by that many degrees. I will have to search for ronp tile thread, and read up on that.
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Thanks ron, so it is possible the contol is still good. Although i put the probe on the right side abourt 20 degrees hotter, I put it on the left side 25 to 30 degrees hotter. I will install the new control panel, and go to lowes, and get a unglazed tile, and give it a shot. Do you still use a tile in your mes ron, or do you use sand in the water pan.
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Yes I still use it.
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