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Hot Dog!!! w/ q-view

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Today for my wife for Mother's Day, I had her help me try a new hot dog recipe. Had ground meat in the freezer and mixed beef, pork, and pork fat. Re-ground all with spices. Added cure and remixed. Then stuffed.

Then I smoked them at 158 degree temp with hickory for an hour for flavor.

After smoking these went into pans to parboil with water 167 degrees until meat internal temps reached 154-158 degrees.

Then these were put in ice water for 5 minutes until cool.

Then taken out and bagged.

Finished Product

Thanks for looking.
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wow that is a lot of hot dogs, looks good
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Bet it would be near impossible to eat a store bought hot dog after eating those.
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I never thought I would say this to another dude, but those are some nice wieners.
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They look good but it looks like you put mom to work all day to make those lol its about time someone posted something over here its been awhile.
what stuffer is that it looks huge?
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I definitely have a case of weiner envy!
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Now them there are some dogs I can appreciate. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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About how long did you parboil them?
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As far as what kind of stuffer it is an antique 6 qt Universal stuffer.

Until they got to 154-158 internal temp. Really didn't take that long, maybe 10-15 minutes.

They turned out pretty good, but next time need to add some more salt, black pepper, and maybe paprika.
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never thought about making my own dogs........looks great! thx for sharing
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Next batch I make I'm going to add some heat to them, maybe some cayenne so when I bite into 'em they bite back, lol!
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wow, they look great! this is a first too see this.. that alot of dogs!!
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good looken hot dogs PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yeehaaaa, git along you little doggies!!!

They look great!

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very nice dogs....they look great as well. I used to sell hot dogs for a living and them babbys could sell. I may need to make some of my own this summer...Nice stuffer by they way I have a "antique" as well.
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Fine lookin dogs! Just need some chili sauce!
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what he said
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Great Looking Dogs...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

I couldn't quite read the recipe though...Hint, Hint...icon_mrgreen.gif
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Fine job on the wenies. Thats how i eat my dogs as well(wheat bread,mustard and sometimes onion) thanks for the q view
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Nice looking dogs!! A good amount of them as well!!
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