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Need some suggestions.

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For Mothers Day my bride requested ribs. First time I did spares and she loved them. This time I'm going to do baby backs 2-2-1 style.

But I always feel like I should fill that smoker up if I'm going to use it.

I'm thinking of stuffing a pork loin with habanero pepper brats and some cheese.

I'm looking for something else to throw in. Cast your vote!

Q-View to follow...
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Dutch's Wicked Beans, ABT's, Moink Balls, Eggs, Fatties
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A BIG FAT BUTT and/or Brisket.
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Hey pocket, i agree with Jerry( piney).. Try the wicked beans, they are out of this world !!! Abt's are awesome too.... Good luck !!biggrin.gif
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