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here's a link to the calculator;


iv'e never tried to insert a link into text before. and looks like it worked! LOL
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I am just about finished w/ my build. I used the ratio calc that duck killer 1 has posted and I followed it just about exactly. I have not cooked on it yet but the other day I was welding inside the firebox "door shut on the cooking champer" and when I was finished I looked up and smoke was coming out of the chimney. Wooo! That was cool. So I at least have that going for me.
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Give the man a cookie. I agree Meat Hunter...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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so are you saying it needs to equal the area measuring vertically? like slightly more than the firebox opening size?
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so mine would then be 92.16" square since my firebox opening is 15" x 6" ?
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This is correct... there are some calculations for surface tension of the steel you are using, etc. etc..... but basically it should equal the square area of the flu. There are changes for altitude and some changes for solid fuel types outside of seasoned wood.

Even heat off the reverse flow depends on draft, roll, and flu to be in balance.
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is there any way to improve the already supreme reverse flow calculator to include these calculations? such as determining minimum flue size? IE- should i use a 6" instead of a 4"pipe for my flue, etc.
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I did not create the Reverse Flow Calculator so I have no idea what calculations it uses. If you point me to it I can take a look at it and see what assumptions were made with it.

Whether the person who created would want it messed with is up to them. Everyone has a different approach to builds....

Flue size is a function of air pressure, flow desired, combustion rated required to produce the BTU's necessary for even stable temperatures. It could be digested down to a interactive spreadsheet.
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I have a question. Is the length of the from the top of the cooker, grate level or just plain need to be that amount of pipe needed no matter where the stack is located? Does anybody know this?

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can you rephrase the question?

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Hey Duck,


I was just wondering how come none of your pictures are showing up man. Its just not fare to make us wait.



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Sorry, i was referring to the stack length. If the calculator says with a 4" diameter  pipe I would need to have a stack length of 20.4". Does this mean from the top of the cooking chamber, grate level or does it just require 20.4" of 4" diameter pipe no matter where it's placed?

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hey Tom,

 if ya mean for this build i haven't had the time to make any significant progress to make some qview. i should be starting this week and have some progress to post.


hey controlfade, the 20.4 " is the total length of the stack. i start mine at the top of the cooking chamber, some people like to put theirs closer to the grate. 

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Hey duck,


Honest I was just giving ya a bad time man, I know how it is sometimes. The longer we wait the more we will appreciate it.

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thanxs Duck, I am almost done with the patio RF. Need to grind down a few areas weld the stack and then off to the sand blaster and paint. I hope to have it done this week. I really need to upload some photos

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duck how would that calc work if i'm using a round 150 propane tank with football shaped opening from SFB to cooking chamber....using that calc i came up with a big hole needed between to two....without going and making a square smoker to make all holes easier to make  ...........bob



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ok here is a crude drawing of what i mean with the red area is what i'll have when i make the two meet each other....


smoke chamber opening.JPG


how would i figure the area of this shape with the calc posted you used..........bob



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