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Originally Posted by FFTWarren View Post

ok, what is moink balls?

MOOOO....OINK.... The rest is up to your imagintion.

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 i can't tell ya everything.

 LOL . Moinks are either sausage or a mixture of ground beef and sausage . you form a meat ball but b4 you roll it you put a cube of cheese inside. Roll it up give it a good dusting of rub ,wrap w/ bacon and smoke.  great appitizers.

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So, The time is getting near for some fun and cheer. Come one, come all, lets have a ball. Join us at the Louisiana Gathering October 8th, 9th and 10th for food and the common joy of Cooking outside. If you have any questions, worries or concerns, PM me, Eman, Alblancher or ShooterRick.




Chet AKA BayouChilehead

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Simply because great food, friends, campfires, college football, star gazing and cooking demos are not enough for some people we will add 9 holes of Frisbee Golf to the front of the property.   Custom fashioned armadillo hats will be awarded to both low and high scores.  The number of prizes awarded will be determined by the success of our Road Kill scavanger hunt scheduled for Sunday morning.




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I don't know how many even know what they are but i will be bringing my washer boards for a washer board tourney.

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I notice that we have alot of members from the texlamiss area that have not made a post here.

 We would like for anyone that wants to attend the gathering. you don't have to be a seasoned smoker to be there .

 matter of fact if any newbies want to learn this will be the place to do it.

 we will have demos and hands on smokes there will be folks there that can answer questions and do  a show and tell for anything from sausage making to any kind of smoking to creole / cajun cooking .

 Please come see us even if it's just for the day saturday. we have plenty of room to pitch a tent and stay a while or there's motels near by.

 you can bring a camper or sleep under the stars. ( i wouldn't recomend this as our state bird is the misquito)

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We are entering crunch time folks.  Let us know if ya can make it.  We would love to have ya all.  I will be in Missouri the week of the 20th of September to see a new grand son.  If ya have any quetions during that week one of the other principals will respond I am sure.  There will be sausage making, gumbo making, butts and briskets and a lot more so come on down!   


Almost forgot!  Don't let this Swamp People show on TV scare ya!  As far as I know we all still have at least 9 fingers left to cook with!  LOL

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Ok , i checked w/ our host and it lookws like we have 16 -18 folks confirmed for the gathering so far.  we have motor home sites w/ electricity  but you must be self contained for sewer and water. so far we have 3 sites called for and if you are bringing a motor home and need elec. we may can hook you up. If you have generator capabilities and can use it it would be much appreciated so that we can use the hook ups for the campers that don't . we have tent sites that are going to be along the woodline so you will have some shade.If you have a pop up shelter you may want to bring it and chairs for your group.

 there is a bathroom and shower on site please bring your own towels so we do not create excess work for our host and hostess. You are welcome to arrive anytime friday. We will be doing a gumbo demo and a breakfast sausage demo fri night and supper will be gumbo / potato salad and we will have sausage poboys for those who may not eat gumbo. sat  will be a full breakfast and we will be cooking cracklins and have smoked snacks coming off the smokers all day to nibble on . the main meal will be sat. night . Smoked brisket and butts w/ sides.  sun breakfast will be mrs shooters famous home made sweet rolls and i think our host Al has a suprise in store for breakfast.

 looks like we will have disc golf, washer boards  and who knows what else for everyone to do while waiting on some great food .

 We really need to know if y'all are planning on attending what we hope will become an annual gathering here. We need to start buying supplies and meat and as host we really don't want to come up short because we didn't know how many to plan for.

 if you want to come for the day sat. that's fine too.

 Any Questions please PM , eman , shooter rick, bayouchillihead or alblanchard

 we really hope to see y'all there!

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Actually Bob the mosquitoes generally aren't much of a problem especially if it cools off a bit for us.  We are on top of a hill so we get very good drainage and we don't have to much standing water except for the livestock ponds.  If my neighbor moves his dairy cows to the winter pasture behind me we may have a couple of flies but they are not the biting black flies and more of a nuisance than a problem.  It will be a new moon weekend so if the skies are clear the star peeping will be great.  I'll have my 12.5 inch scope set out if anyone is interested.  Jupiter will be prominent as well as some of the winter constellations will start to appear.  I'll set out LED lights on the driveway and in the camping area to help campers find tap water and avoid tripping over the fruit trees.


Tenters should bring their flashlights, preferably with a red shield or lens because I will be turning off the floodlights to allow good star gazing as it gets late in the evening


This time of year laying in a lounge chair with a blanket watching the sky is a great way to go to sleep.



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