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temp on ribs.

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So Im curious what you all do. Now that i have joined this site, I see there is a 2-2-2 method for ribs, Do you all stick your temp probe in ribs, or do you just go by if there pull off the bone. Usually I can tell by looking at them, but Im wondering what everyone here does. Also Why im posting, I have the mes, and always fill the water pan up with apple juice. What do you all do with the juice, and all the drippings in the water pan.
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for me no foil, and I dont take temps of the ribs. I go by feel, and appearance of the ribs. BB's take me about 4-5 hours on the WSM, and spares 5-6 hours. Whatever is in my water pan after the smoke gets tossed in the woods.
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pretty much spot on for me also
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I do not probe my ribs I just go by look/feel and I always foil mine. I use the 3-2-1 or 2-2-1 method and love it.
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I have never probed my ribs. The 2-2-1 and 3-2-1 method works great.icon_smile.gif
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Time, looks and feel for ribs here. The juice/grease gets dumped in the woods if at camp if home it gets poured into a plastic jug and into the trash. I'm one of those that don't feel spices/juices in the water pan make a difference to I use plain water
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3-2-1 i think works the best
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Yeah with ribs I can neve get an accurate read with a therm (that I feel comfortable with). So I always go by look and feel. I usually foil during the rest time to soften the bark just a tad, and for now my water pan goes down the utility sink drain followed by some hot water and soap.
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thanks everyone, im going to be doing some spare ribs, and fattys for mothers day, and I never probe my ribs, so I wanted to see what you all do, and see if i was missing something. thanks again.
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For baby backs or spares, I never foil longer than 30 minutes at 250°.

Sometimes, I don't foil at all...

This is my personal preference, but I feel any longer than 30 min. in the foil, changes the texture a little too much for me.

Regarding the "done" test - I also never probe, but I also don't use the "bend" test anymore either. Reason being, if one rack is a little more tender than I want, the bend may result in BREAK!

So - I use the toothpick test.
Once the toothpick can slide through the meat between the bones with ease in several different spots on the rack - they're done!
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I agree with most everyone here I don't probe my ribs. I always go by time now I do change the times from 3-2-1 & 2-2-1 to 3-1.5-45 mins. and the same reduction to the baby back ribs times too. Now I'm with Jerry (pineywoods) and I have woods all around us so it's into the wood with it.
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