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UDS question

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I've got a question concerning how a UDS handles in less than spectacular weather. I used a ECB for the first time this weekend and spent more time building shelter than tending to the meat. It that cold out, and the wind wasn't that harsh. It was a fight to keep 220'F.
I found out today that the honey farm north of town sells food quality drums at a reasonable price. I was wondering how the UDS's handle to windy or harsher weather. I'm presuming better but I'd prefer some feedback.
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The UDS doesn't care about how bad the weather gets, it runs like a champ in all kinds of bad weather. It's just about as close to set and forget as can be for a charcoal rig.
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I agree with RickW I have used my UDS in -30 degrees and windy and have had no issues. Once I get the UDS up to temp I turn my ball valve away from the wind and I don't have any issues. My drum runs with usually 1/2 to 3/4 of the ball valve open to be in the 225-250 range. It can be windy out and I don't care the drum is a champ.
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We had SERIOUS winds here in AZ on Sunday when I cooked some babybacks. I was very close to not cooking because of the wind.

However, the UDS ran no different than it ever does. I was amazed. Held steady temp for 5+ hours
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What size of ball valves do you use?
I work at a small gas plant and the boss said if I'm need a few fittings to build a smoker, and some of the products from the smoker make it to work, he said he doesn't mind if some fittings go missing.

Thanks to everyone for the replies. I will start production soon and post some pics.
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i have one with a 3/4" and one with a 1".
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I have a (1) 1" Ball valve and (3) 1" caps for a total of 4 air intakes. So far I only have had to open the 3 caps when I am starting the UDS. Once it is at the temp I want I normally only have to control the heat with the ball valve but I have had once or twice where I have needed to open one of the caps for a few minutes to bring up the temps.
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They run hard and long on little fuel, you wont be dissapointed to say the least. Pan or no pan, works great either way. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I built mine this spring so have not had the opportunity to run it in the cold, but in wind no problem.

I have 30lbs of pork butt on right now (10:15p) and plan to go to bed shortly with absolutely NO intentions of getting up to check it til morning! I haven't found any other smoker I have had that much confidence in!

Mine has 3 1" openings, 2 are caps that screw onto a threaded nipple; the third is a 3/4" ball valve. I start it with all three open, then screw on the two caps and run it with the ball valve just short of full open - it locks in at 225... as Ron Popiel would say, "set it and forget it!"

as soon as I find another drum, I will have two UDS's!
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