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maverick et-73 price diff.

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I did a search on Yahoo to get the best price on the et-73. I came up with this one.

but if you go from amazons web page you get this one

I know it ships from another site. It should be the same one rite?
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They both say they are the ET 73
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They both look the same. I just got my ET-73 (the $35.97 direct from Amazon) on Friday and it works great.

Was a little worried about he range and figured I would have to mod it but worked fine through two walls of the house, no problems. I'd say get the cheaper of the two.

*really wan't to get another one now. I'd say of you smoke more than two meats at a time, get two now :)

From Saturday's smoke, two maple wrapped bacon tenderloins, two marinaded/rubbed loins, two corned beef:
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Way to go fellas. just ordered 3 of these :)
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Nothing wrong with that, in fact I need to put in another order! Maybe I'll wait for fathers day....
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What's the diff tween the ET-73 and the ET-7??

besides $4
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The one has a 3 after the 7.
Just kidding.

Looking at the picture, it seems the ET-7 has two meat probes with it, instead of a meat probe & a smoker/oven probe. But I would imagine you could use two meat probes with the ET-73 too.

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The probes and I imagine the firmware that runs them.
One is a dual meat probe unit and the other is a meat probe and smoker temp unit so I imagine the alarms, interface etc. are a bit different in each. You can download the manuals or instructions of each and compare. I'm sure that would reveal all the differences.
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BTW: I always have trouble figuring out all the bells & whistles & alarms on things, so I only use mine for the temperatures.icon_redface.gif

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Yes you can! As a matter of fact, I run two at the same time. One for my smokehouse temps, and the other three for my meats. Maybe I got lucky, cause I don't get any cross interference with the two seperate units.
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