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mop bottles many

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ok, just got back from the store and ready to do spare ribs and apple brined chicken..smoked after the brine of coarse!! so i find myself having a spay bottle of half apple cider vinegar and half apple juice. another bottle with striaght pineapple juice which i want to try. now for the mop.... i guess you basically mop it on with a brush right? i have tried so many things and feel a may do too much!!!icon_wink.gif
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I usually try to Spritz my meat a bit but I seem to be doing it less and less these days. I will usually use apple juice or some kind of juice that I have in the fridge or I will use any kind of pop I have around the house like Mt. Dew.
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If you are using a bbq sauce type mop i found a silicon mop on qvc a few years back that is fantastic . If using a thin mop., then go to a local grilling or kitchen supply and buy what looks like a minature house mop.
Or do like i do grab a new natural haip paint brush
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mt. dew...nice
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Never tried Mt. Dew, but why not. Great idea. My wife loves MD and will love the idea. Gotta try it.
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Mt. Dew works pretty well. With all the sugar in it you really get a nice bark and flavor.
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That's the one!! Use it liberally and often after the first couple of hours!

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Actually it's:

Mountain Dew lists its ingredients as:[citation needed] That would be one reason it caramelizes and gives you the bark
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I thnk I have used and own all of them from a paint brush to a silicone brush to too the mini mop thing (it's hard to get clean) and I have tried them all and I have found the silicone to do the best job but thats me and my pennies.
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