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pulled beef?

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hello everyone its been a while i have been out of comish for a few Has anyone smoked a beef roast of sorts and if so can you lend me a idea or two? does the smoke take to beef any diffrent than pork ?
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Just my opinion but beef is very much different than pork in terms of texture and taste. However, that doesn't make it bad. Just different. My favorite pulled beef recipe is to follow Fire It Up's italian beef recipe. That comes out just incredible in terms of flavor when shooting for pulled beef.

As for smoke, I don't perceive to be too much different than pork. I prefer a mix of hickory and oak for beef.

For an idea, follow Fire It Up's italian beef recipe to the letter. If that doesn't sound good to you, oftentimes I will use a combination of kosher salt, pepper, garlic, onion and ancho chile powder. Let it smoke until it hits 205*. Put it in a cooler shrouded in towels to rest for an hour or two and then pull it. It works great for quick and easy burritos and a ton of other things. For my burritos I use pulled beef using the rub I mentioned, some pico, a little sour cream, a little cheddar, and some black beans all rolled up in a tortilla. It is my wife and I's favorite pulled beef meal.
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Pulled chuck roasts are great, do the same as a butt.
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If smoking to pull or chop it I would recommend a brisket or chuck roast. A sirloin tip or top round roast I'd suggest taking to about 135-140 and slicing thin for roast beef sandwiches they just don't have enough fat to take to pulling temps in my opinion
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well braised beef will shred and pull apart...i would smoke it first then braise it
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