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Trying pastrami tomorrow

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Picked up 2 corned beef briskets today about 4 pounds each form Sam's. Any seasoning,cooking temp, recommendations. All tips/tricks/advice welcome. First time for me, but from some of the posts/Qview they sound great and look great.
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I've never tried smoking pastrami so can't help there. Maybe Jerry, or another fine member, will be along shortly to help ya out on that. Good luck!!
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Here is one I did recently. Don't forget to do the fry pan test for saltiness.

Good luck!
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Yea I would soak them in some water overnight and change the water a couple of times if you can. Then just pat dry and rub them with some fresh cracked pepper and coriander, garlic and maybe some brown sugar and then smokeit to about 170° or so. Then put it in the refrig (this parts hard) for the next day to slice it anf then get out the rye bread and the mustard and steam it hot and ENJOY. Give it a shot there Tim I think you'll like it alot.
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Will do. If it stops raining, I'll let you know how they turm out.
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Yep I soaked mine for a few hours then smoked it to 185 or so then put in the cooler for a while then put in the fridge to cool so I could slice it easier. Man that is good stuff!!!! I can't wait to see yours.
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What is the "Pan Test?"
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A pan test is to cut off a piece of your meat and fry it to see if it is too salty for your liking. If it is too salty then soak it more if it tastes good then smoke it up.
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I'm really looking forward to trying this. If it turnes out well and tastes as good as I hope it does, I would like to try and corn one myself.
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Hope to see some qvue with the results. It may be time for me to give this a whirl.
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I soaked them over night and did the fry test. Was still a little salty for me, so I changed the water and back in the fridge. Still hope to get them on today. Just finished grinding up some whole pepper corns to coat them with.
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I must be a salt freak as I only soaked mine for 1-2 hours and I thought it was good. I might have to soak mine for longer next time and see the difference. I see most people soak theirs for many many hours.
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next on my list
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There in the smoker. Sorry for no Qview, camera problems. I did get a pix of it in the smoker will try and post later. It's at 140.
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Thank you very much.
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The corns are at 150. Been there for a while. Hopefully they'll shoot up soon. Got the camera back working so I should have some pix of the final product. The 3 racks of ribs are looking good!!!!!!!!!!
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