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Install a Smoker

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A buddy of mine just called and told me a lady in his development has a sign up for a free Charcoal Smoker (must be installed)... I have no clue why its free... but i was gonna check it out after work (if its still available)... any one hear know of a Smoker that has to be "Installed"icon_question.gif
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When you 'check it out after work' please let us know.

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HAHAHAHA your right... i should have said "when i pick it up after work" LOL!
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mmmmm..maybe put together is what they mean
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Yeah I think either way if it is available im gonna snatch it up... What part of SJ are you from?
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Be careful what she wants "installed". biggrin.gif
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I am the man for the job LOLPDT_Armataz_01_41.gif
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Might be one of those BBQ islands.
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Hey!! If it's free and it's close, You got nothin to lose and maybe a new smoker to gain.
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I know... Im itching to get out of here b4 it is taken...
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Possibly could be a unit that requires a masonry structure to be built.
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I need to see BBQ-VIEWS.......!

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Well it's late and you haven't found the smoker yet???? I wanted to see it
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How did it go Steve???? You didn't have to "Install" it, did ya?
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Sorry guys... busy weekend... had a BBQ Saturday and the car decided to break down (good thing is the warranty on it ends 5/8, talk about cutting it close)
So i was suppose to go Saturday morning bcause the lady was busy Friday... i tried calling saturday morning no answer... i started heading over and she called me back and said she was running out but her husband would be home later that day, but the problem was i was hosting a BBQ on Sat (post a qview of that tomorrow once i upload the pics) so now i am suppose to stop by tomorrow to see it... if i get the run around again i will be saying to he!! w/ it...

She said it is a charcoal grill w/ a smoker attachment... she meant "Install" because the atachment has never been hooked up, but the grill was used 2 or 3 times....
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