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Reverse Flow Help

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HELLO ALL in a reverse flow the plate inside the cooker does it have to be flat or the v type or can it be like a c channel thats whats is going in mine right now its a 1/2'' truck frame and why are they the v type
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Depends on how large a cooker you are talking about? I actually prefer flat plate.
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In mine there is a piece of angle Iron in the middle, welded to two plates on either side. the angle is welded in like a v and is a grease drain, so it does have a slight slope to it. It is attached to a pipe which runs down and out of the bottom of the cooker, I put a small pail under it to collect grease.
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exactly how i'm doing mine
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well its not done all the way fire it up where should i put the stack with a reverse flow at grate level where is or what
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I did the same as garyt. I like to have the grease drain out into an bucket. Make sure you show the pictures. Good luck!
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will here it is my frist one did not like what come out   the next one coming

Jenny 041.JPG

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