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any experience with these wood chips

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today i finally found some apple woodchips, and some stubbs wood chips..the stubs is a mixture of oak, mapple, and hickory...has anyone ever had a good experience with apple chips, or stubbs wood chips?
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If you are talking about flavor then Apple is one of my favorite. I personally do not like chips as I can never get them to burn right and can never keep a even smoke but that is my own opinion. Chunks is where its at for me. Never heard of anything stubbs outside the sauces.

Let us know if you use them stubbs what you thought of the flavor profile. I like mesquite mixed with apple myself and am always looking for new ones to try.

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I just used the stubbs over the weekend. I did a pork butt using them. The flavor was good but for the first time I kept getting flare up using my MES. They seem a lot smaller than some of the others I was using so I am not sure if that has something to do with it. Let me know how you make out.
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Apple I use it all the time it is one of my go to's woods for most of the meat that I smoke. Now for the stubbs I haven't used it but If I see it I might have to.
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Apple is one of my favorites but all I can find are chips in my area, I need to go online and get me some chunks.
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My husband cooks baby back ribs and chicken with the Stubbs Oak, Hicoky, & Apple combination of wood chips and we have never experienced a better tasting result!!    So much so that he got a wood chip box for both of his brothers just this morning.  Unfortunately the store we have previously purchased our Stubbs chips were out.  Now I have to order them online-but totally worth the trouble!!  He has an infrared grill and never has a problem with flare-ups. He also soaks them a little while before he cooks with them.  Another great thing about these chips is the aroma it exudes during and after cooking with them. We can just walk by our grill and still smell that wonderful fragrance. Like we just stepped into a BBQ house...Mmmm, Mmmmm......

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I use apple chips alot I even mix them with hickory chunks, I like them.


As for the Stumps never used them.

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Smell them to make sure they don't smell musty/moldy....that's sometimes a problem with mass produced chips and chunks.

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I smoked a few chickens and ribs with chunk hickory and the mix chips and it was amazing!!!

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