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Extending the WSM

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Just a crazy idea I had, probably won't work, but I'm looking at this rotisserie attachment:

And thinking that it sure looks like you could put that on top of the WSM just under the lid to add a third smoking grate. filling in the holes of course, maybe just cramming some foil in them.

Anyone know if that would work? They look like the same size but would the lips line up and are there tabs for a grate on the rotisserie piece?
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I was actually looking at a similar product, made by ProQ, and is marketed as a WSM extender. This might allow me to actually hand sausages in the WSM, if I get it.

Here's the link:
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LOL... I would have to get a ladder to lift the lid off of my WSM!
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I don't know about you guys, but I think it looks kick azz with the stacker, and functional (I'm thinking sausage hanging)
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WOW, look at that thing! I can't believe it never dawned on me to use my weber performer as a bottom. I might have to try that out one day. after I get a ladder that is.
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I think you should be able to use this to instead of getting an old performer table:
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thanks for the link, didn't know they made the table seperately. I'm envisioning a great frankenstein of weber smokiness, lol.
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I have read that post over in on the virtual weber forum. I found it interesting because I was serching for a way to do rotisserie chicken on the WSM when I ran into that post. They talked about a slight mod to get it to work as weber does make one for the kettle. Since I am going to invest in a kettle as well, I figured I will wait & make that puchase then. My smoker is my smoker & the kettle will be for everything else. Just a thought. Good luck.
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