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First attempt at making sausage

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I made sausage for the first time on Sunday, no pic's but turned out pretty tasty for my first attemt. I let the meat cure overnight and then smoked the sausage for approx. 12 hours. My question is does the sausage need to be store in the fridge? Can I freeze them?
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You can freeze them in fact thats what should be done with any thats not going to be eaten fairly soon. Personally I vacuum seal bags with the amount I figure we will use per meal that way when we want some we just grab a bag out of the freezer
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I'm with Jerry (Pineywoods) on this one to I eat what I want to and then put the rest into a food savers bagsin single meal size and then freeze it. That way you don't have to eat 20lbs of sausage ion a couple of days. But then before you make anything else now you need to practice the Qview part of smoking. It helps your pride and confadence with smoking too.
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Yep mine always go right into the vacuume bags then into the freezer.
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I too and a vac sealer in portions - if you don't have a vac sealer it is well worth the $ to get one -
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Yes, definitely freeze what you don't eat right away, in meal-size portions. If you don't have a vacuum sealer, you can double wrap in saran wrap and then freezer paper. Both methods work equally well for me, and seem to take about the same amount of time.
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That's how we do our sausage as well.

Amen on the Q-View! Figure it out brother! You're posting too much stuff for us not so see it PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I'll Vaccuum Pack and freeze, Thanks
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