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real nice job on your build dude. I also like the wood thats a nice touch.
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well indy, i have given this much thought and in my opinion, if i was just gonna build one for selling or for giving to a friend i would hafta say i would order the metal prerolled and the right size. which i did for my current project. but in the long run it is very rewarding to throw your heart and soul into a project like this that can bring many years of memories and good times with family and friends. also it gives a bit of satisfaction doing it the hard way the first time and it is a learning experience. by the way good job on the build!
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great build and thx for sharing!
points.gifto you!!!!
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Ok, so for the maiden voyage there will be 10 racks of spares going down. Yeah I know but I don't know how to jump in except with both feet,.........and 10 racks. I played with it a bit Sat night, well enough to know I can hit 450 on it with just a couple small pieces of wood. Any advice from you long time stick burners? My other smoker is a MES so temp control was kinda a no brainer. I've figured out that trying to fill the firebox is a bad idea. And I tried to play with it tonight but Mother nature didn't want to play along so I just ended up wasting some wood as I don't think there is much I can take from tonight. I guess I'll just have to keep playing with it till I get a feel for the temp control.
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Well wonders never cease the weather was actually good enough for me to get some play time with my new toy. I was able to get it up to temp and hold it at 225 + or - a couple degrees for long enough to feel comfortable with the smoke coming up on Sun. As a side note I must have done something right. I got my new Maverick ET-73 tonight and placed a probe at each end of the smoke chamber and was seeing a 1-4 degree difference in temp across it.
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