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Man, you got an awesome deal! I love my MES and I sure you will too.
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Adrift all alone in the estrogen ocean! Hope you have a life jacket!
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Yeah, that was pretty much it, swimming in an estrogen ocean holding on tight too a bottel of dark
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Ditto here, but I'd be less likely if my garage wasn't fairly well ventilated or if it was connected to the house. My garage is an uninsulated polebarn type building that you can see good space for air flow around most of the edges. Congrats on a good buy.
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My garage is completly seperate from the house, and about 25 feet or so away from it. Not sure how well ventilated it is. Still with the big door up, a littel fan, and the smoker close to the door. It seems fine, can't even smell the smoke the next day. Of course winter might not work out sence the truck like it's home in the cold days.
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