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M.E.S. 30" Temp Issue

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I smoked today and used my new Maverick Redi-Chek Smoker thermometer. If the Redi-Chek was correct the MES was running around 43+ degrees high. The digital on the smoker was set at 225 and the thermometer was reading 268. The pork shoulder looks like it cooked quicker than planned so I'm thinking the thermometer is correct. I tested the thermometer on my kitchen oven and it was spot on. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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With 3/4 pan of water and the vent closed, mine stays within 2*

When I seasoned it without any water and the vent open, I got those kinds of temps, too.
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Did you have your probe resting on a rack. If so stick it through a potato, apple, piece of wood something like that. Also temp can vary in different places. I will say that my temps are really close to the same. Wherever and however I put it.
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It is well known that the MES digital controller temp isn't very accurate. Mine has been off 20º for a long time. I just use another digital probe to monitor internal cabinet temp.
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Thanks folks!
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If it is off that much, call Masterbuilt customer service and they will replace it for you, especially if it is still under warranty. They did for me!
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Yeah I sent an e-mail to Masterbuilt and was told the MES fluctuates 20 degrees hot/cold throughout a session. Doesn't sound right to me. I will experiment and I'm sure give customer service a call. Thanks!
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Stick the temp probe in boiling water. That will tell you if the therm is reading correctly.
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Yes, the MES will fluctuate like that throughout the cook, however, explain to them that there is a 43* difference between what the controller says the temp is and what your remote therm indicates. This is what I explained to them and got a new digital controller. Be sure now that this is with a water pan with hot water and during an actual cook, as I will assume it is by your post. Good luck.
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Two things to consider:
#1 When they designed the MES, they put the heating element on the right side. Then they put the exhaust vent on the right side too---GREAT MOVE !
So, the heat from the element goes straight up & out the vent, after it passes by a lot of temp probes setting on the right side.

#2 The MES thermostat is built into the wall. It takes longer for that to heat up than your thermometer probe, because your probe isn't built into a wall. Mine are far apart, but later in the smoke they get a lot closer.

These are my thoughts anyway,
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