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whiskey injected chicken Q view

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all ingredients:

2 chicken + / - 3 lbs each
olive oil
cider vinegar
apple juice

for the injection mix

1 cup apple juice
2 table spoons of whiskey
1 and half table spoon of cider vinegar
1 table spoon honey

inject the chicken with the mixture

Then rub with olive oil and rub

ready to smoke

smoking smoking smoking smoking

After two and half hours of hickory smoke

this is the result

halved and ready to be placed on the plate

We have eaten with chips,and enjoyed it

thanks for looking

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It's 9 AM here & now I want chicken! Very nice PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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looking good!!!!!
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some great looking birds there man... great ingreds too!!!points.gif

i really like that collapsible table you got there. sometimes you get a chance pm me some pics of it. i would like to build one like that...
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Great pics and post.

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That looks and sounds GREAT Geert !-------->>points.gif

Is that legal over there????wink.gif

Are those birds old enough ???confused.gif

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will take some pictures while there is a little sun left

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looks great

You can never have too many good chicken recipes. That one is going in my "things to try soon" file.


By the way, nice landscaping. My yard looks like the set of "Swamp Thing"

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Those birds look great.
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How did that Scotch turn out in the injection? I've used bourbon before with good success. I'm betting that sweet scotch would be pretty similar. Now if we get some Islay scotches in there, that'd be an experiment! Looks awesome, though.
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I have been thinking about trying that with JD now I know that I will they look great.
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Geert, I never thought about whiskey in a injection, that's a great idea. That one is going on my to smoke list. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Thanks
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Just wanted to say that I have these birds on right now with a mess of ABT's. Thanks for the recipe! =)
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Yep I will give some points.giffor sure. Great looking birds.
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No thanks for the recipe there are many more available on my website
Thanks for trying it
Let us know what you think about it, not forget the view Q we love it all
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So how do you split your birds? Do you just use a big knife or a scissors?
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I use only my knife,it's a 10" weber knife
I put the tip of the knife on the cutting board in front of the chicken
My left hand on top of the knife ,and push the handle down
if the chickens are cooked properly ,this is not difficult
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thanks for the great q view got me drooling a little there fine job worth a few.points.gif
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Geert those chickens look and sound great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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