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250 Gal Oval Tank ??

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I have looking hard for a tank to start my new trailer build with and having trouble finding a round fuel or LP tank. I can get plenty of those oval tanks but was shying away from them because I won't get the size cooking surface I wanted. Then I got to thinking about what if I laid that oval tank down flat and used it that way. The tanks are 27" wide X 40" tall X 60" long when standing up. If I laid it down I would essentially get a 40ish by 60ish cooking surface which would be big enough. Now my main question is, will that 27" which will now be the height, be tall enough for maybe a reverse flow. If I didn't go reverse flow, then I was going to build some sort of diffuser under the grate to distribute the smoke under the whole cooking surface. I would build the cooking grate to be a full slide out, so I am not worried about being able to reach all the way to the back of the tank.

This cooker will be fired by wood and LP.

Any thoughts?

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Same Boat

I am in the same boat with you right now man. A buddy of mine's Dad is offering us 2 of those oval tanks for free. I was wanting to use a 150 or 250 gallon propane tank, however i dont know if i can argue with free. I want a R.F. as well and i was trying to figure out if i could get it to work on its side as well. Let me know if you figure anything out.
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you could make a reverse flow out of that tank, i think it would be an incredible competition smoker! you could have lots of shelves in it if you built it with the tank upright like it would be used normally.
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most of my builds are using tanks with between a 22" and a 30" diameter. and thats plenty of cooking surface!
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Actually I came across a few round fuel tanks now. I think three of them, all 250 gallon range and all on full high stands. One is free, the other two are like $15 a piece. Just need to go pick one of them up. I got started on my trailer this weekend and will be ready for a tank soon.
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Nice Find

Hey nice work on finding those round tanks. I notice you are in the central illinois area, Whereabouts. I am over in Springfield. Can't wait to start seeing your build on here.
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If you want one, let me know.

I am just west of Peoria.
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Yeah, I will let you know. I am now waiting on a call back from a guy with a 250 gallon propane tank, but i dont know if that is gonna end up working out or not. By the way, do you know the dimensions of those tanks you are getting and what size steel it is made out of. Thanks for the help.
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if you can get a LP tank, don't let that one get away. Thats the way to go. These fuel tanks don't have real thick walls. Not nearly the thickness of a LP tank anyway. I will trade you 3 fuel tanks for one LP tank. lol.

I never did get real dims on these tanks. I think maybe something like 3' diameter by 5' long, give or take. I also have a 500 gallon fuel tank that is 4'x6'
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