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Smoking a Pork Shoulder in Two Segments or Overnight

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I'm fairly new to smoking. Never really smoked anything larger than a couple chickens. I've got a 10 lb pork shoulder butt that I want to smoke for Sunday to eat around 3-5 pm. I was wondering if anyone had any comments about smoking it for about 8-10 hours during the day on Saturday then putting it in the fridge and finishing it off on Sunday. Either that or I do it overnight. If I do it overnight, I won't be able to check on the (charcoal) smoker, baste as often, and could possibly have animals come up onto my porch and mess with it/catch my porch on fire. I'd rather divide the cooking into two segments, but I wanted to know if there are any major drawbacks to doing it that way.

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Cook it completely on Saturday...Don't pull it....Foil it and let is sit!...Put it in the refrigerator Saturday night...Take it out Sunday and warm it in the oven for Sunday afternoon....Unwrap, pull, and...

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Id do it Sat. Pull and vac pak. Then sunday drop the vac bags in boiling water to heat. Then use the left over juice from sat to coat the reheated pork.
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I would smoke it on Saturday and pull it put it in a roasting pan and cover with foil. On Sunday I would make some finishing sauce pull the foil back and mix in the finishing sauce put the foil back on and heat it back up slowly in either the oven or the smoker
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I would smoke it completely on saturday and then pull it and then food saver it and into the refrig for the night. Then I would take it out and usea steamer pot and re-heat it that way an it will be really moist and juicey too. the just add your finishing sauces and enjoy. Now you have just about every way you can fix it. So you have 3 OTBS members giving you 3 differant ways of re-heating. Now that just goes to show you that we all do thiongs a little differant here but still enjoy the same ending.
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I'm with Pineywoods on this one. I do it that way all the time for work and golf tournaments. They always think I was up all night cooking for them. hehe. They can't tell the differneceicon_cool.gif
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I don't follow great advice with advice of my own, Mountaineer. I just want to say, Welcome to SMF. We are happy to have you here & you should head over to "Roll Call" to introduce yourself & get the proper welcome we give to the new members. You went through enough to sign up, so you should recieve the fanfare as well. Enjoy your stay.
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Thanks a lot for the advice!
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