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Smoked a Chuckie Today (W/Q-View)

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Here it is right before I put it on the smoker. I rubbed it with an improvised version of Jeff's rub since I didn't have all the ingredients on hand for his recipe and didn't have time to go get them.

Let the hickory smoke roll.

Here's how it looked right before I put it in foil (I foiled it at 165 degrees and pulled it at 200).

The finished product was served with baked potatoes and broccoli.

I would have thought it would be falling apart as long as I left it on but it was still firm enough to slice. No matter, it was very moist and flavorful and made for a great meal.
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Very nice smoke there.
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If you want to pull a chuckie, the key is to let it rest in foil for a while. I usually start foiling at 160-165 as you did, but then I let it go until 205. Once there, I'll pull it off the smoker but keep it wrapped in foil... just wrap in towels and put in a cooler (or if you don't need your microwave for a little bit, just stick the foiled chuckie in the microwave). Let it rest for at least an hour or two and you will have very moist, pullable beef. Once I pick out the fat and have it all pulled, I'll warm up the leftover juice in the foil and pour it over the meat a few minutes before serving... absolutely wonderful, chucks are one of my faves.
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I'll try leaving my next one on the smoker a bit longer and also letting it rest longer. I only had time to let this one rest for 45 min. I would have preferred it pulled but it was mighty tasty sliced up too.
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As long as your taste buds enjoyed the final product, that's what counts. Thanks for the pics!
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Looks Great...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Good looking chuckie. Might want to calibrate your therms also, they can go off quite often, doesnt hurt to have half a dozen either. biggrin.gif
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Yes. At least one for the product & one for the smoke temp at grate level, if you like.
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My instant read is pretty accurate but I agree ......... I need more thermometers. I really need a Maverick ET-73 but things like riding mowers breaking down and stuff like that seem to be absorbing the cash I had planned to use for that. Oh well, I'll get one next month maybe.

In the mean time, I'll just keep bumping along with what I have ........ haven't had any complaints from those that eat my cooking so it's all good.
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WOW zeries
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Nice job on the chuckie...
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Man that looks awesome to me here. I like the sliced shot myself.
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Good teachers around here there are. Jeff's rub recipe (even if I left out a couple things I didn't have on hand) didn't hurt things either.
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