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Help with UDS problem

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Does anyone in the Baton Rouge, La. know where I can get a drum to build a UDS. I have been searching the area, called several wineries in the area and restaurants and no luck. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
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im not in La. but try places that change oil, car dealership, service depatrments, drive around industrieal areas usualy around the dumpsters. once you find a few even if they wont work for you . you will know were to look for them and they will be easyer to find. just make sure you give them a very good burn. good luck
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Have you tried craigslist for your area or close to it?
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Yes I do at least three times a week. I will have to broaden my search further out,, which means more time on the cruiser
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JJWdiver posted this a while back $15.00 for the drum and $30.00 shipping.I think I saw a few places that would ship drums in the UDS build section too.I got one from a car wash that had soap in it. Bill
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Thanks Bill I'll keep that in mind, I do have a few places to check this weekend, but if I strike out I'll give eBay a shot. I am trying to go as cheap as possible but $45.00 isn't bad.
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Do you have any bakery's in your area, they use honey that comes from drums. that is where i got mine
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Put a wanted ad on craigslist. I had someone within a day send me a message with a barrel that had molasses in it originally. After the burn-out, the drum was caramelized and ready for a smoke.
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