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WSM Owners

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I am wondering what is the most that you have had in a WSM at one time.

I'm smokin' 6 butts this weekend. I'd like to smoke them all at once. I'm smokin' the butts for some guys at work for a small donation.
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I think the most butts I have done on my WSM was 4-9 lb. butts, 2 low 2 up top.
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In the very near future, I intend on doing a packer on the top & a butt on the bottom.
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Few weeks back had 2 trimmed racks of spares, the skirts from the spares, a good size pan of Wicked beans, and 2 family packs of chicken leg quarters. I would think you should have plenty of room to do 3 butts on each rack if you have a 22.5" WSM, a 18" might be a squeeze.
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I have had 6 7-8# butts on mine once, did it just to see if I could.
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Thanks for the info guys, by the way it is a 22.5".
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I read somewhere that people have done that the other way around, to use pork-dripping tastiness to keep the brisket moist. No idea if it actually works like that but I read it on the Internets so it has to be true.
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