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hello to all im new here let start by saying i got a wal-world smoker well it burn up the 1st time i use it so it when back i got by $171 i spent on it and now making my own i will put pic tommow its 4 ft long my 2 ft wide now big should the fire box be thx
pic one cooking chamber
Attachment 24623

pic 2 lid cut out
Attachment 24624

pic 3 legs
Attachment 24625

pis 4 fire box 13'' tall 13'' wide 18'' long 3/8 thick
Attachment 24626

pic 5 fire box put on and the lid
Attachment 24627

now the lid will not shut all the way how should go about fixing this
thx saw
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Welcome to SMF Sawruff. First of all, stop over in "Roll Call" & introduce yourself so that the other members can welcome you & we find out who you are as well. Now, about the size, there is really no limit to the size. You can make a huge one to go behind your cooking chamber or a medium sized one to go at the back (left or right of your smoker, your choice). You should draw up a diagram so you can physically see what it is you want to accomplish & go from there. There are great posts in the smoker build section of this forum. But introduce yourself & tell us a little something about you so we can get a feel for how to assist you properly. Have fun & enjoy your stay.
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Welcome to the SMF, We are glad to have you onboard
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yes.. .welcome.

And with a little research on this forum you will find all the info on builds needed.
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When I did mine the lid warped a bit in the burn out of the tank and it wouldn't close all the way I ended up re-bending the lid a bit with some heavy duty all-thread.
There are also some claps you can get to clamp the lid down
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i was also think about a slide bar time of thing off the legs we will see what ill do i still thing i should of made the fire box bigger though its 13 tell 13 wide and 18'' long my cooking space is about 54'' by 23'' round kind and this lid is pissing me off there gaps all over im not no master fab man my fab is my hammer that i did

i all so have a water pan thats i put in at somewhat the top of the fire box about 2'' down from the top the pan is from a brinkmann water smoker the 2 door upright will this effect my heat and smoke to the cooking space or should i rethink the placement of the pan i like the water in the smoker so i would like to try to keep it anyones 2 cents would be great this is my frist one and will not be the last one do do and do again
thx Scott
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well did a dry run did not like the 75F from one side to the there so im going to go with a reverse flow i guess thy for the help
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well i made the fire box bigger by 10'' put in a c channel for the reverse flow and move the exhaust how do i put pic on ever time i try to it tell me the file is to big
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