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BB's and Butts

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The last time I tried multiple meats, it was a disaster. This time, I decided on a different approach – multiple meats but one at a time. Actually, it wasn’t hard at all so next time everything is going on for the same cook and depending on the cut; I’ll stagger the start times for each.

This past Friday, we had 6 couples for an informal get together. We enjoy each others company so we try to party at least once a month and several of us gather in smaller (2 or 3 couples) groups for dinners and dominoes (or whatever tickles the host couples fancy). We did the baby backs, the butts and the adult beverages. Our friends supplied all the fixins and desert.

This is 15.54 pounds of Restaurant Depot boneless pork shoulder rubbed and ready for a night in the fridge.

Here we have a shot of them on the smoker.

The darn things stalled and when they hit temp, I just about freaked – thought they were over done and dry.

Thankfully, they weren’t – everyone loved the pulled pork.

Here are the BB’s ready for the sauna.

And here they are ready for the table.

Sorry about not having any pictures of the plated goodness but we all go wrapped up in eating. This was so much fun, I’m already planning on another smoke.
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Looks great. Glad it turned out good.
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Looks great I know it was good..
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nice job, looks great.....
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