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First time using Jeff's Rub!! Q-View

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After hearing the rave reviews of Jeff's recipes, I purchased them. Today I did two racks of spares with my first batch of Jeff's rub.
OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Tasty!!!! There were six people over to eat. I put two sauces out on the table, but they were not opened! The two racks were inhaled :)
I did the traditional 3-2-1 method. When I pulled them I thought YIKES! they are dark. However they were quite tender and juicy!

Ribs fresh out of the smoker.

One of my sons cleaning up another bone!!

And the beagle got into the act, of course.
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Good pull, good color, even a little bark on those ribs. Overall, great job. With Jeff's rub they probably tasted as good as they looked.
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My wife LOVED tonights ribs points.gif(Wifey brownie points)

She asked for the list of ingredients for the rub so she can get bulk quantities during her next Sam's run!!
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Great job on them ribs, I love Jeffs rub recipe. I haven't made the sauce yet, but I will, so here some points.giffor you PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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That is some good rub. I always double the recipe and keep the leftover in the freezer. I also double the sauce recipe. It just doesn't last long!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thats all that matters there. A happy wife makes a happy house. Great job.
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Yep His Sauce and rub are awesome!
I quadruple his sauce recipie then after it cools store it in fridge in the
64 oz bottles the ketchup comes in. I put it on lots of foods
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