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It has arrived!!!!!!!!! Sweet!!!!! - Page 2

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Hence the name reverse flow huh doh!! never mind lol
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That's what makes it a reverse flow.
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can you explain what the difference between the two types are? never mind i found a post explaining it
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nice looking rig there but only one problem, is it broken? cause i don't see any MEAT in it!!!!!

I need some action shots
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very nice!!!!!!!!!!!
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Nice to see the smoker finished. Kudos to your brother, that man has some skills.
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Wheres the beef ????????????????icon_smile.gif
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That is one beauty of a rig. Like the others have already said, put some porcine protein on that baby ASAP and make sure you give us some Qview! Really, what is your brother charging to create those beauties?
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Man, I got robbed. My brother is only a nurse practitioner. I wonder if it's too late to trade him in for a welder???

Tell your bro he did an awesome job.
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You'll love the reverse flow style of cooking. Can't wait to see some pics of the first grub to come off of it. With the way the Pens are playing, you'll have some celebrating to do! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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New Smoker

Looking good out there in virginny!
You missing Louisiana yet?
lets see some Q view from that beast.
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great looking smoker man!!! your bro did a great job on it... you will be in smokin heaven soon, love that charcoal pasket and those s/s grates. points.gifto you and your brother!!!
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That is a sweeeet unit ya got there Cajun~My son the fabricator wants to borrow the design of your sliding racks. He wants to set me up with a full sized top rack in my Lang 60.

points.giffor an awesome build.
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Looks great, patiently waiting to see some qview on this puppy.
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nice looking smoker
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Thanks for the points. Dutch send some pics when it is done. Hope it turns out well. He has all the plans in Auto-Cad if anybody wants them.
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