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It has arrived!!!!!!!!! Sweet!!!!!

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Well my bro delivered my smoker last night. Thing is huge. I didn't think it was that big and then he pulled up last night. We seasoned it today and it works well. Man it's heavy....

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AWESOME! Congrats and good luck with her.
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Nice !
I see you're up in WV. I've got alot of friends in Terra Alta.
I've had the smoker going here in Clifton, Va. since 7:30 this morning.
I've been tryin' to send some smoke up that way. Gotten any yet ?
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Very nice indeed...
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That's a sweet looking smoker! Did he start working on mine yet?biggrin.gif
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thats a sweet looking rig.
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very nice congrats on the new smoker
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nice lookin rig, now fire it up, and bring on the qview icon_cool.gif
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Nice indeed! Gotta love the stainless steel and especially the charcoal basket.

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Awesome looking smoke pit, what make is it, or was it a custom build from a metal shop?
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Nice. Time to get that baby cranked up and smoke us some grub.
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One of the nicest machines in here for sure!!!

I hope it smokes as good as it looks for you. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Thanks to all. It was custom made by my brother.
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Hate to be a Critic But...

I really hate being a critic. I can tell you are so into this but I can see 2 really big problems.
One. I see no tbs comin out of the stack and
Two. I see no meat on them racks.

That thing looks great. Good job!

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That is sweet, so when is he delivering mine.biggrin.gif
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Sweet looking rig. That said... where's the meat? We need action shots! Fill it up with butts or ribs and get some TBS rolling out of it's stack and post some pics. I'm looking forward to seeing it in action pumping out TBS and great Q. points.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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nice rig cant wait to see some tbs and qview.
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I think there's been a mistake. You were supposed to get the deluxe model with the Schneider valve to improve smoke penetration. I ordered the basic.

Now, if you'll just drop off my smoker, we'll be squared away.

Seriously, it looks like your brother could make some serious pocket money on the side. That smoker looks incredible.
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Very Nice Rig, Steve... I get a kick outa that Charcoal basket!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thats a nice rig, but i am wondering about the smoke stack? aren't they normally on the opposite side of the firebox so the heat flows through the body of the smoker?
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