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temp for sliced pork

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ok im doing two pork shoulders for pulled and i want to use my meat slicer that my gfs dad gave me...but im unsure of the temp that it needs to be...i know for pulled its like 185-190...but what about like 175 ish for sliced...thanks guys
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175 for sliced is right. Don't forget to show us qview icon_wink.gif and have fun
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175 is good for sliced, but for pulled, take it on up to 190-205. I personally like to pull it and wrap it at the 200 mark and allow it to cruise on up to the 205 mark. Very easy to pull at that temp.
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What he said. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif For pulled 195° to 205° is what you want. It may be a little hard to pull at 185°.

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