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thats a neat concept! i like it.....good job on the pastrami.
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I PMd you with the contact person.

It really did a good job, looking forward the next smoke with it. Gave me the freedom of not having to add chips.
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Ron that pastrami looks great... looks like the smoker worked good on it also...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice looking smoke job! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks great! What temp did you take the meat to?
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Really tasty looking pastrami. And awesome little smoke generator. Anyway you could send me the info on where you got it?
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Hey Ron,
I don't know if you'll be back to this old thread, but just in case:

I'm gonna put my A-MAZE-N-SMOKER to a real job soon. I always wanted to make some "Dried Beef" (chipped beef), but one if the recipes I might use calls for 37 hours in the smoker, and at least 12 hours in a row are with smoke. I could never handle this before. Since I got this thing, it will be the first time I can comfortably handle that. I'll be able to load the MAZE, smoke for 7 or 8 hours with it, pull it out, clean it out, reload it, light it, and 3 minutes later stick it back in there for up to another 7 to 8 hours of smoking.

I'm still researching recipes, and how to mix the pickle (with TQ) that I will be injecting, before dry curing the meat. There's a two for one sale on "eye round roasts" at Giant that starts Sunday. Hopefully I'll start curing 8 or 10 pounds shortly after that!

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Here is Tjohnsons profile.

Sounds good Bear. This thing make the MES as set and forget as you can get and will work with any other smoker, or grill as well.
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looks great ron. Thanks for sharing, it brightened up my rainy day
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I found the website for that smoke generator if anyone is interested:
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Has anybody tried this Amazing thing in an offset?

I'm looking for a good way to cold smoke some lox before it gets too hot. I lent my Bradley to my dad, and its far away now... :D

I'm thinking put this in the SFB and light it up? I only need 40 minutes at most or so of smoke, with sub 80F temps in the cooking chamber.
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just for the heck of it i lit mine in my offset, will work fine. one thing you can do is if you want more smoke you can light from both ends. if you only need an hour i would just fill one leg of the maze, or one on each end if you decide to light both ends. here is one end lit.

by the way ron. great looking strami!!!points.gif
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I'd like to thank RonP and Todd Johnson for this thread telling us about the A-MAZE-EN-SMOKER ! I had a long time customer come in and we got on the subject of smoking meat, and he said he wanted to get one more smoke in of fish before it got too hot... <click click click> my brain remembered (which is amazing anyways... I had a memory once and forgot what I did with it!) RonP's A-MAZE-EN-SMOKER review and all the great Qview and got Stan's email address and sent him the link and also the link to Todd's website, and he ordered one! He was ECSTATIC to find out he would be able to smoke all summer long (as it gets 110° or more here and to light a regular fire and create smoke it's too hot for fish!) with the A-MAZE-EN-SMOKER! I can only see huge successes for this product and for Todd!
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