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Computer Nerd Gone Doctor...

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Hey All,

My name is Eric. I originally went to school to get a computer science degree. After working for a bit I decided to go back to medical school. Next year I will be attending University of Rochester Medical School starting in August. My fiance (Wife in June) just bought our first house. I have wanted to smoke for a while and since I have the space I plan to start. I have no equipment so far, but am familiar with cooking, baking, and beer brewing.... That's about it...

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Welcome to SMF, Eric. Glad you joined us.
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Welcome to smf, check out Jeffs free 5 day course
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Where do I check it out at?
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Welcome to the smf, very happy to have you here. You came to the right place to learn about smoking. You're are off to a smoking start (pun intended lol).
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Welcome to the SMF forum, You came to the right place. Good people and good info.
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No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Welcome to the SMF Eric, We are glad to have you onboard

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Glad to have you on board.. the eCourse is free and can be subscribed to at
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Congrats on starting med school.

Your time will be precious. Consider a MES or other electric for your smoker.

Good luck with both.
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Thanks for the welcome all. I am thinking of a MES w/ a Smoke Daddy.... I like the idea of electric, but also want to be able to do cold smoke.
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Welcome aboard and you thinking in the right direction. I was lucky when I bought my MES. I had no idea what I was buying, it was I wanted to spend. As it turns out it is simple enough I can use it. I have mentioned before it is like smoking with training wheels.
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