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Was going through the local store here & found this stuff?? Says cajun pork product?? hwo bad could that be?? So I picked it up. Anybody know anything about temp on this?? I'm assuming it will probably be like keilbalsa
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Boudain is a spiced sausage with origins in the Bayou of Louisiana (someone from down dere help me and correct me if I need it?), made primarly with pork livers and rice! Lot's of herbs and spices mixed in, so it's really nothing like a keilbasa. It's very good in soups, stews, gumbos etc. If made right, it has a wonderful, spicy, savory flavor, with a nutty component from the rice.

It's not your average sausage. I LOVE it though. Give it a try, can't hurt! icon_wink.gif
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Thanks Memphis.

So I'm assuming this probably wouldn"t go on a bun huh?
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Yeah, it probably could as long as the casing stays intact during the cooking process...if it breaks, you'll have liver/rice all over!
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does this liver flavor come though much??
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Someone here did a Boudain Fattie i cant find the link though...
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Boudin is usually all cooked before stuffed, you're basically just reheating it and cooking the casing. A lot of the mom and pop stores around here just put it in a steamer with water underneath and serve it hot throughout the day. I just microwave it or put it on the pit for a lil while and done. And its awesome. I slice it, though, unlike sausage, its hard to slice without falling apart. Sliced, on a saltine, with a dab of tabasco; Awesome. Check out this link; and it even has a link to tell you how to make it. http://www.lets-make-sausage.com/cajun-recipes.html
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The liver is there, but it's not overwhelming, more complimentary to everything else going on inside the casing. Oklahoma man, you just spurred me to go get some this weekend...I usually reserve it for Gumbo! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I've actually never put it in gumbo; does it fall apart? I plan to make some soon, gotta love that stuff.

How bout Hoghead cheese? You fellas ever try that?
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Boudin - Nectar of the Gods

It's been pre-cooked. Just get some smoke and heat on it to bring it back to life. It in no way, tastes like liver, just porky goodness, rice, onions, garlic...all the good things in life. Just one warning though... it's addicting.
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It falls apart, thickens the gumbo a little too. Makes for a really excellent gumbo IMHO.

I haven't had headcheese in a loooooong time. I remember liking it tho.
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Ok, now I've tried Boudin a lot of different ways, but never in a Gumbo. But you never know that might be good. I personally like it fried in a """COVERED""" skillet with eggs for breakfast. Just add a little oil, cover and turn up the heat for a couple of minutes after it starts popping, turn heat off, when popping stops flip it over and repeat process. Just make sure the popping has stopped before you take the lid off or you'll be cleaning the ceiling.biggrin.gif
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I buy it locally from jerry lees before they stuff it in casings. filet out a pork loin & cover w/ 1/2 " of boudin. Roll it back up tie w/ butcher string.
wrap w/ bacon and smoke over some pecan.
have had some fried boudin links, Cut in 1/4s then frozen ,battered and deep fried.
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The liver flavor is very mild. I had been eatin boudin for a long bit before I ever knew that it had liver in it. If I knew I would have never tried it, good thing I didn't because it is one of my favorite things.. No need for nothin else when you got some boudin to chew on.
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Here is the recipe I use....with pics

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I KNEW someone from Boudain country would start throwing idea's!! Thanks guys!icon_mrgreen.gif
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Been living here all my life and just had potato salad in gumbo for the first time about 6 months ago.
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I work at the refinery with a bunch of guys from the river parishes, and thats the only way they know it. I grew up eatin it on rice.
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Here is the link to my Boudin fattie... The Zuma's Boudin I buy doesn't have much of a liver taste, it is more of a texture thing. Good stuff!!


PS Sorry after I posted I saw someone else posted the link already....
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