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Finally started to get some sausage making equipment

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I posted a thread last year about wanting to make sausages, and I finally was able to buy a meat grinder and some casings. My question is, the grinder has stuffing tubes that come with, but should I plan on a separate stuffer, and meat mixer, or will the one-step with the grinder work? It is rated at 1000 watts. I also have a nice food processor, but it seems most folks have a separate stuffer.
My plans are for only two of us, not hundreds of pounds of meat-maybe.
It gripes my ass to pay $3.99 for a lb. of sausages/brats. (Johnsonville)
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In my experience it depends on how many lbs of sausage you are going ot make at a time. If you are doing small amoungs like 10-20 lbs a time then you can get by with the grinder/stuffer just make sure you grind it first then put in the stuffing plate and stuff it. But if you are making a larger amount of sausage or you are going to make it quite frequently just bit the bullet and get a verticle stuffer. You WILL NOT regret it. We stuffed our sausage one year with the grinder/stuff and another year with a hand style piston stuffer and we said enough is enough. We went to Gander Mountain and picked up a 15lb verticle stuffer and we never looked back.
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I used just the grinder for quite a while but it is a pain. Got a Grizzly 5 lb stuffer and it makes things much easier. Might should have gotten a larger stuffer but it is ok for now.

I always did the grind, then mix, then stuff. Not grind and stuff at one time.
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Congratulations on the new grinder! If you can swing it go with a dedicated 5lb. vertical stuffer. You will be so much happier with it then trying to do it thru the grinder.
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Well chainsaw from one NAVY man to another. Grizzly has a 5lb vertical stuffer for 72.00 and I just bought one and I like stuffing with it and not the grinder as I have done for so many years.
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I agree with everyone that you will be much happier with the grizzly 5lb stuffer, its been great to me and makes stuffing a breeze. its about 85$ with shipping, i have that and a 50$ grinder and have whipped up some great sausages for around 150$ in tools, i wanted the 15 lb stuffer but i will tell you its not hard to reload it so i am happy with it.
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Wish there was a 10 lb stuffer or a 8 lb stuffer. I make "5 lbs" of sausage at a time usually but it will never all fit in the 5 lb stuffer.

My arm gets tired cranking that piston back up to reload....icon_cry.gif
What a baby right?
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Take off your handle when the piston is down,then Hook up a 1/2" drill hit reverse, and your out in no time. When ready to stuff you can either forward the drill, or put the handle back on. Either way you want a sloow drill speed.
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Congrats on the grinder !!! Use what you have for now and plan on a vertical in the future; biggest obstacle is taken care of and you are ready to make some sausage now !!!

Note: Your sausage stuffing experience with the grinder will dictate how soon you get a stuffer.
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I was joking but nice tip.
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If it will work it is a nice tip...
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im with you there thats why i wanted the 15 lber because if im gonna make some its gonna be between 7 and 10 lbs, but its easier than i thought it would to reload it, if moneys no problem them go with a bigger one.
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Question: Do you have to bolt that down?? I only ask because I want to get a grinder to start doing my own sausage as well but I rent. icon_redface.gif Modifications to the apartment are frowned upon. icon_rolleyes.gif
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Congrats on the new purchase. I agree that you will want to get a vertical stuffer though. The meat mixer probably won't be necessary for small batches like you are looking for. Happy Sausage Making.
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Thanks everyone for the great tips!
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Not sure if you are talking about bolting down a grinder or a stuffer?? I'll go ahead and answer for both.

Grinders: Hand-crank grinders just clamp onto the edge of a counter. Electric grinders just sit on top.

Stuffer: A piston style stuffer should be secured to the work surface somehow. You don't have to drill holes in your kitchen counter to do this though. I use bolts and wing nuts to secure mine to a board, then use C-clamps to secure the board to the edge of my counter top. I countersunk the holes on the underside of the board so the bolts don't make contact with the counter top and possibly scratch it.
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I took an old corian cutting board, cut it in half and sandwiched a piece of porcelain tile between them. Bolted these to the stuffer. This gives me height and weight. I still use the clamp to stabilize it.

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For me the meat mixer was the BEST thing I bought. Even for small batches, it's sooooo much easier to get the spices blended evenly with the mixer.
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OK, one step at a time. I decided to "bite the bullitt" and bought the Grizzly 5Lb stuffer too. Life is too short. I will post some qview when I finally master it. I have tried to post life -size pics w/o using photobucket because of all the viruses associated with that site. I only recently had to re-configure my computer for the virus that demanded I submit my credit card # to fix it-icon_mrgreen.gif ha ha. I used the thumbnails (not the same) established a Google account for pictures (did not work) I have been smoking every weekend and took pics but I have not made any viewable except for thumbnails.

I would mention 12-14 hour days at work are a factor, not many hours left at the end of the day. I love this site & appreciate your time!
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With all due respect to Chainsaw. I was not trying to hijack your thread. Thought you were going to answer the question & Panther responded so I am responding in kind. Thank you for the answers Panther. Gives me someplace to go with the way you set it up. Oh....I was talking about grinders for homemade burgers.
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