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Burnt Crust

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Hi -- I'm a newbie and having lots of fun, but ----

I am getting a hard black crust (burned) on my pork butt. There is a nice bark (under the outer layer), but this is on the outer layer.

Meat is falling off bone and tastes great once I use a pick axe & mix together.

Am I using toooooo much SUGAR/BROWN SUGAR in my rub??

Rub goes on and #8 pork butt sits out for 1-2 hours before going in Off Set Smoker.
Using lump and hickory
Smoke for 10+ hrs at 225-250
Using a dual probe therm
smoker therm was reading about 250
grill therm was about 220 -- think the difference in temp was the height of the probes???

Internal temp 200


3 cup -- Sugar
3 cup -- Brown Sugar
1 cup -- Paprika
2 cup -- kosher salt
2 cup -- chili seasoning
2 cup -- black pepper
1 cup -- dry mustard
1 cup -- onion powder
1 cup -- garlic powder
1/3cup -- cayenne pepper

any help is appreciated


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at first when i seen the 6 cups of sugars i was thinking has to be the problem but looking at other rub recipies i have used, not made in a bulk like yours is but the sugar content is really not much difference than the ones i have used. some less, some more... the only thing i have never used is the white sugar... maybe the white sugar is what is causing the problem??? just a thought am sure someone who knows more about this will chime in soon if that could be it.
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Welcome to the site! IMO you answered your own question....To much sugar!
Sugar will burn (blacken) when exposed to high heat as well when it's exposed to moderate heat over 10+ hours ... Try using less or none at all. If you want sweet, work some magic with a finishing sauce/glaze at the end of cooking. Also meat exposed to smoke...(even the TBS kind) over long cook times can very easily become over smoked (blackened) After the first 2 or 3 hours forget about flavoring woods and smoke.... You may not see it...but it's there. HTH

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Dick, you're not using all that rub on one butt are ya??

Try using turbinado sugar (aka Sugar in the Raw). It's a bit coarser than white or brown sugar and holds up to the heat better.
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What kind of smoker are you using? Could flare up happen in it that would burn the outside?
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started smoking last fall with an Off Set Oklahoma Joe 20"
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Agree with Dutch.

Dump the white sugar and use turbinado.

Maybe a little less total amount of sugar also.
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I would probably just cut the white sugar entirely. Then if you need more sweet maybe add 1 C of brown, but with 3 cups brown already it should be fairly sweet.
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I will try the next batch of rub without the white sugar.

Thanks to all for the input.

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