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Hey guys, I recently purchased a 120 gallon vertical propane tank to build my first smoker with. Seeing as I am in the design phase I was hoping you all could give me some ideas and tips on which way I should go with it. I was thinking that I would turn it horizontal and make a reverse smoker or should I keep it vertical. What to do, what to do??? Any other ideas or suggestions.

Here is the type of tank I have. This is just a googled image as I have not yet picked mine up.

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There is no picture.
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Well, I cant seem to get the pic to show up. I'll try a link instead. By the way. the dimensions I could find are (48 in x 38 in )
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I see the picture.
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Thanks for editing the picture as there is now two tanks with a woman in between. I vote for vertical unless you want to cut it in half & use those muscles to keep removing the top. Good luck.
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He could always put a winch on it. I seen one that had a wireless remote winch, looked like a nice smoker.
Either way I think it will be a great smoker.
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