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Reverse Flow??

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I tried not to have to ask this question and I looked and searched but just couldn't find anything. But can someone explain the reverse flow process and the benefits of it. Whats the difference with it from your basic side box smoker.

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Even heat and smoke flow or the direction of it...A cheap charbroil for instants the smoke sorta goes diagonal across the grate and right out the smoke stack.....Now a reverse flow has a plate where the smoke must first go to the other side of the cooking chamber and then completely across all your meat and grates then exit on the side of the fire box.
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Thanks, that makes a ton of sense. So the exhaust stack should actually come down close to grate level then???
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I noticed that you guys are using thick plate on the inside to redirect your smoke to the other side. Is the reason for the thick plate to maintain even heat?

I am wanting to build one of these and can get my hands on the 250 gal oil drums that have the oval shape. I was wondering if I mounted the tank flat instead of upright, would I have a issue with the smoke and heat covering that much surface. I figured I would have to have a couple exhaust stacks so the smoke wouldn't be drawn to one small area of the large cooking surface.
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The thickness of the plate does affect even heating alot, but the real reason for the size of the plate is temperature recovery after the lid is opened and then shut.

You lose so much heat so quickly out the doors when working the meats that the heavy plate can give up a lot of thermal energy to get the air back where it belongs temperature wise really rapidly.
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