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Smoking my first picnic, few questions..

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Hey all.
I got a picnic in the smoker, been going pretty good at around 220-230 for the past 4 1/2 hours. Currently it is measuring about 155 is that about right for the time I have on it? Just a littel paranoid I guess. Thanks! icon_smile.gif
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Sounds fine but get ready for the stall, it could last half an hour or it could last a few hours but they generally hit around that temp give or take 10 degrees or so.
Don't crank your heat up to get through it, keep steady and it will come out great PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thank you for the heads up... Hope she comes out okay, I'm hungry for a pulled pork
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That's why I always keep a bag of frozen PP in the freezer, a quick reheat in some simmering water and tasty fresh tasting pulled pork sammie PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

What did you love it up and rub it down with?
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I minched up some fresh garlic that I worked into it, then made a rub of paprica, chillie pepper, cayane, cumin, garic and onion power kosher salt, and black pepper. Worked it in.. I have in smokin over lump, with hickory and apple chunks. The bowl is filled with pinnapple juice, and a touch of water.
And I'm hoping for the best..... !
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Looks like it is starting to hit the stale. It went up to about 160 a while ago, just checked it. It is now resting at about 150..
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I checked the temp and it is down to 130, my smoker temp went down a bit to 210. The coals were glowing red hot, I turn in a bit that hadn't been spent from the side. Maybe that will get it back to around from where it was. Is a drop from 155/160 to 130 normal for a stall, or has my smoker just dropped too much?
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I've never come up with a lower temp (well maybe a degree or three but not 30). A stall is just that, a stall. Gets stuck around the same temp for a while. Not a temp drop off.

I would check the thermo, or make sure you arent near a bone when checking temp as it can throw you off.
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The thermo was calibrated today, I'm sure it is fine.... Maybe my temp dropped off longer than I had thought.
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Make sure that temp is positioned well in the middle of your pinic & not touching the bone, if it has one. I temp drop is your fuel dropping. Get that second chimney going if you haven't already & make sure your vents are not closed.
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I agree with the other guys..A temp drop like that is not normal..1-3 degrees maybe but 30 ive never seen...
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It's fine I tossed it.
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Sorry to hear you had to toss it, if something like that happens again and it hasn't been in the danger zone for too long you can always wrap in foil then finish in the oven.
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I read my previous post & it looks like I was babbling. Listen, you did not have to toss your pork. The rule is, you have 4 hours to get your meat above 140 degrees, or out of the danger zone, if you will. Especially if the meat was pierced as in injected. Now, if you let your meat sit on a counter before you cook it, this time counts as well. The range on what is called "The Danger Zone" is 40 degrees to 140 degrees. Anytime you have issues with the smoker, you can ALWAYS finish the product in your oven until you figure out what is going on with the process of your smoker. There is a free 5 day e-course that you qualify for as soon as you sign up to the forum that should have covered this & a couple of sticky's to guide you in the pork section if you are smoking pork & in the beef section if you are smoking beef. The information is available but if you are having trouble finding it, do an advanced search & you will more than likely find the solution to your problem, as someone has already been down the road you are traveling now. Do not look at this as a failure but an experience that you can help someone else with next time. Plus, you now know that your smoker has interesting & challenging issues to contend with. If I were you, I would get another butt, some more fuel, lump or charcoal, maybe both, & get that smoker back to smoking. Do not look at this as a loss but as an experience. Get back on that smoking horse.
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I'll think about it, right now I am a bit sick to my stomach over it. Regardless of what ever I decide to do, thank you for your help. icon_neutral.gif
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Your last post before this one, that says you tossed it, gave me this insight, hence the reason why I replied the way I did. Don't let this set you back man. Life is much more critical than this. This is an art to perfect & partner, School is in session & you are being schooled. Now get out there & smoke!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

P.S. You are most welcome.
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Yeah no need to be so upset over a hunk of meat haha!

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