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Baby Backs with Q/View

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Working from home today, so decided to treat myself to a slab. Will be using apple wood, smoking at 225-250. Using some new Lysander's pork rub I picked up, as well as some Famous Daves rib but, and Strawberry's Grand Champion seasoning that I got from Rivet (great stuff). Will post progress pics

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nice martin.

where did you get those ribs? Brookhaven?
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Looks like a wonderful start. Keep that qview coming.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks guys.

Jim - these are from the new polish deli (Green Food and Produce, funny name i know) that replaced the Bobak's store at 159th and wolf. I love that place. Ribs are really good, and at 2.99/lb, I couldn't resist.
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Man i havent had BB's in a while... been doing spares for the past 2 months... maybe a slab of BB's will be added to my Saturday Smoke menu... Looking good!
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really nice looking rack,

I wasnt going to do ribs this weekend but may need to now. icon_smile.gif
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Now thoses are some fine looking ribs but I would smoke them alittle more before I eat any if I were you???
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2.5 hours in, mopped with OJ, rum, & lil olive oil.

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Lookin' real good.
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Looking good like baby backs should. Good work there. Keep it coming.
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How many times, have those words been in my head icon_smile.gif nice ribs, making me want to make some too
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Don't see anything wrong with those racks. Man, those look tasty!
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The joys of working at home...looking real good.
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Here are the final pics. Glazed the ribs with some Open Pit on the grill for 8 minutes on low. The weber from Craigslist was a steal, at 100 bucks for the older Genesis C model, with 3 burners and a side burner, can't go wrong. Just had to buy the warming basket, cross over ignition bar, and therm. I made my own flavorizer bars from thick angle iron, and drilled some holes through them, since the thickness kinda cuts the heat, but the stock flavorizer bars are Sh*t in my opinion. Also, did a lemon pepper marinated chicken breast, skewered up, along with some zuchinni on the side burner with some Lawry's and minced garlic for the girls. Great dinner. time for a smoke

And for dessert, a polish raspberry filled Paczki, to be shared between the girls and me:

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Everything looks PERFECT! ------>>points.gif

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Hmmmmmmmm......zuchinni. Very nice looking rack there buddy. And the Paczki, well I am a sucker for Raspberry. Good job. I can score you some points.giffor it.
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Nicely done there! Great looking ribs. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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really nice ribs Martin(if I use sauce I am a fan of Open Pit as well). points.gif

Your pics put me over the edge, definitely stopping to get a slab to do Saturday or Sunday @ Brookhaven on the way home Friday night. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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icon_redface.gif a polish raspberry filled Paczki tongue.gif
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