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MES Purchase - Replaceable Element?

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After lurking here for a while, I am moving forward with the purchase of a 30" MES. My question is: Did Masterbuilt change model numbers when they made the element replaceable and if so, which models have the replaceable element. If not, was there a running change in existing models and how would one identify it? Bottom line is "How do I make sure the one I am buying has the replaceable element?
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It might be easier to let us know which particular one you're looking at and someone can tell you if it has the replaceable element. I think the easiest way to tell is there's a removeable plate on the back of the newer models that wasn't there on the older ones.
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What Ryan Said....


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Then on the other hand, anything is replaceable depending on how bad you want/need to replace it..
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I maybe wrong but from what I have seen only the 40 with the 1200 watt is replaceable.
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Some additional Info

I just returned from a field trip to Lowes and Bass Pro. At Lowes, MES 30model # ends with "06" and solid back panel. At BPS MES 30 has rectangular plate on the back and model # ends with 410. Also at BPS 40 with plate and ends with 710. Soooooo. Question is Home Depot $174 model 20070110. Anybody know if it has the back plate? icon_question.gif
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Yep, that's the one I've got and it does.
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I would call Masterbuilt to be sure. Or, you may just want to spend the extra $ on the 40' from Sam's and get a better unit with better racks etc.
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