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Greek Fatty w/Q View

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I attended an informal cooking contest this weekend for Savory Rolled Foods. Lots of eggrolls, spring rolls, buritos, sushi. One of the catagories was for "outragous but tasty" I entered a smoked greek fatty.

1 lb Ground pork
1 lb Ground turkey
Sundried tomatoes
Greek Seasoning

Came home with 2nd and some homemade hot fudge and butterscotch sauce. My entry plate was finished pretty fast

Here are some pics- thanks for looking!
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Hey wait a minute I thought those pics would come through as images..........

dam puters.....
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Congrats on 2nd placePDT_Armataz_01_37.gif. Looks really yummy.
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Looks great. I would call it a "Fatty Margherita" after the pizza.
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OUTSTANDING points.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks all- not sure if any of you noticed the mod to my webber kettle. I took a plate of alum and cut to fit so I have a true indirect cooking method, it works great and really helps with getting my webber to act like a smoker
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I did notice the mod. I have a fire pit that the looks like a weber kettle with a steel mesh riser between the base and the lid that is removable. I was thinking of doing some mods to that for smoking.
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Here's the pictures inline - they look great!

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Thanks for the upload help
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Nice mod, nice fattie.

I will be trying both. I got a weber kettle (old school from my grandfather) last Thanksgiving. I cooked a turkey in it then, but it sat all winter.

I love the grill and the space in it... so I will try your mod as I play with it. probably do my fatty in your honor on it!
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Great job, and congrats on 2nd place, should have been first IMO, how much turkey, and pork did you use, was it an equal ratio ? points.gif
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One pound of each and I added an egg as a binder
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Lamb would probably work well w/ the pork
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Never thought of that.

I was waiting for the money shot. A glimpse inside the fattie of "The Greeks." Oh well, next time. Good work though. Very nice.points.gif
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Yes that is one fine looking fattie you have there and congrats on your second place and next time you'll for sure got to get the first place.
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I agree I think lamb would be a great mix and I think I would add some kalamata olvies in place of the sundried tomatoes (have a thing with tomatoes)
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Very nice! Looks awesome. Did you add some windex too?
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Mmmm yeah... good call on the Kalamata olives...but I would ADD them to the mix leaving the sundried tomatoes!!! I like the Penzeys also... probably the best spices I have ever used all come from Penzeys...

congrats on 2nd... should have been a first though!!!
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