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WSM for $150 on Akron CL

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Just saw this on Akron Craigslist. New in box WSM for $150. I've been reading so many good things about this smoker -- seems like a good deal.
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Wish I was closer never have too many Smokers in my opinion.
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Of course you know what Ill say.. icon_smile.gif do it... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

thats about $100 less than at the store. I love my 18.5" for sure. got about 10 hours out of one ring of lump yesterday, then gave up seeing how long it would go, and closed the vents and killed the fire. I bet I still have a few chunks of lump left in there that I will use in my chimney starter next smoke.
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Yes, Jim.....I thought you might say something like that. Your posts have me thinking real hard about one of these. I just saw another one listed -- a used 22" also for $150. I think I'm going to check them out. You and others have raved so much about them.....
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good luck with your search.

the one you saw sounds like a deal, I guy in the town over from me is selling a 2 year old model for $175.
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You know Jak, I am so very tired of fighting with my Char Griller. I don't have access to tools to make my own mods. I think it is time to retire it & give it to a buddy of mine who does not have a grill, because I think the smoker part of it is crap without good mods. I am going to put in my order for a 22.5 WSM Friday. I am posting qview as soon as it gets here. Good riddance. You have the same rig, so You might know of my pain, you might not. But be on the lookout. Posting coming soon.
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I need to find one of these deals. I watch craigslist everyday within 3 hours of here and have yet to find anything but cheap offsets or big trailer pits..
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So, i am going to go check out this smoker after work. All you WSM users, how do i know if this is an older model or the newer one with the few improvements? Can i tell from the box? Not that i think it will make a difference for this price, i think i will be bringing it home either way. Just curious. Anything else i should know about them before i go?

And no, I am not grabbing this out from under the OP...i ran it by him.
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visually the 2009 model has a temp gauge on the lid.

18.5" model # 721001

22.5" model # 731001

good luck.
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I never see anything like this on CL by me, I typed in smokers in the search box, and got a long list of cars
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I agree...i started tying in smoker cooker or smoker grill to avoid the cars. This is the first deal i have seen on a smoker. Most are either big expensive or used junky ECB's or maybe an offset.
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Well, i got it! Everything was there and it was new, as stated. And it does have the thermo on the lid...guess its even the new model! Thanks JAK!!
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You stole that and he may have also at that price but as far as I am concerned the ribs will taste the same. I would have jumped on that..
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I didnt ask any questions...Im hoping he got it as a gift and didnt want it. Real nice guy, young, about my age, and married. Not a shady looking guy or place at all. But yeah, i dont know...might roll up a fatty tomorrow after work to pop its cherry!
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great deal. congrats.
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Good for you!!! Glad you got, since I am at least partially responsible for your new toy, does that mean I get to share in some Q??? We aren't that far apart ya know...

I'm happy for you -- good luck with the new WSM.
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No, you were more than partially responsible. Thanks again for posting it, and letting me know you were not going to buy it. I would say most definately that i owe you some of the first Q off of it! Too bad my Saturday is wasted by a wedding in Columbus. But oh all summer.

One thing i wasnt even came with a cover!
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