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For me paprika is like a filler, did you have any cayenne pepper in your recipe, that is what I would use less of.
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The recipe called for 1/4 cup of sweet paprika. Well i had regular and used that. I only used a tsp of cayenne. Do you know if there is much of a difference between sweet and regular paprika?
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Nice looking bird. Looks great. points.gif
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Looks good.

I think all "regular" paprika is sweet. If it is hot, it should say so on the container. There are lots of different kinds and some are really nice like the smoked ones from Spain. You can get them sweet as well as hot. As well as the Hungarian ones that are sweet or hot.

I doubt the paprika was the heat that bothered you. Try cutting down on the cayenne next time.
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Rite fine lookin bird! Yall play with yer seasonins an sooner er later ya get just where ya wanna be. That be half the fun a this craft though, eatin the experiments!
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thanks guys! and thanks for the info of the paprika john3198. Next time I will do that.
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You can fix the too much white smoke problem by adding the wood indirectly to the fire. I always set my wood chunks near the smoker opening(smoke box opening) and against the smoke basket. This way the heat in the box would slowly light the wood instead of being instantly lit by charcoal.
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thanks for the tip cwalk, i will give that a try next time.
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