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Chuck roasts ?

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I just bought 2 3lb boneless chuck roast. Give me some ideas on how to smoke 'em. I have Jeff's rub. Any other away !
When I think of a beef roast, I think of potatoes/carrots with the roast in a sealed pan with onion gravy..........
This will be my 1st chuck roast. I'll be smoking 'em this coming weekend.
Also, I want to slice 'em.

Edit: I just did a search again and got some great info. I'll be pulling the roasts. Still not sure about injecting though.
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Think pulled smoked BBQ beef. Chuck makes BBQ. I just put a basic rub on and smoke between 225-275 until it's out of the stall then foil and finish to 205-210 internal
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My 2 pennies would be to season up with some Italian seasoning and garlic, smoke it over a pan of beef broth and onions then add into the juices when shredded.
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Thanks my friends.
That beef broth & onions sounds wonderful.
Its suppost to rain all week here & clear up this weekend.
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I love sliced chuckie. I smoke mine just like a brisket. Inject it the night before then rub it the day of the smoke and foil it once it hits 165ish and take it to 200 then put it in the cooler (with foil still) with towels for an hour or so then remove and slice. Save the drippings from the tin foil and add to the meat once sliced. Do a search for Chuckies and you will fine all kinds of different ways to smoke a chuck roast.
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