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New jerky batch

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Hey guys. I just finished slicing up a couple pounds of inside round and it's marinating nicely...I decided to try a bit of a sweeter recipe rather than the spicy stuff I normally make.
I'm experimenting with a couple of new ingredients... I'm trying to get a honey garlic taste. I hope it turns out alright.
Should be ready for the smoker tomorrow afternoon PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

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cant wait for the finish on that.
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Just about 2 hours in the smoker...

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After 5 hours...keeping the temps steady between 140-150 degrees. At one point my wood chips burst into flames because i didn't cover them very good. Caught it quick though.

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its recommended that a temp of 155 or more for the first 30 min cured or not so it gets the meat into the safe zone for those lower temps,
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I keep it between 160-170 the first hour, otherwise I can't generate any smoke
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Looks good. Did you get your honey, garlic taste?
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Sure did! A tad on the garlicky side, but not bad overall.
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if you have the room use a larger an taller chunk of wood, i cut a log around 3 inch dia and 4 inch tall chunk, use a higher heat to get the chunk of wood going really good (and you can put alittle foil around it to stop any flair ups) then back the heat down and the wood will smolder and eat its self up on its own, depending on the wood a 3 by 4 chunk will last me around 7 hrs (give or take) to turn its self into ash.
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That looks great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great looking jerky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I am just using up the rest of my oak chips for the time being. It looks like I'll be getting a hold of a bunch of cherry wood for free so I will definitely keep that trick in mind. Thanks!
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Fantastic looking stuff there my friend

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