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Porketta again but smoked this time.

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Well I am addicted to porketta seasoning. This time I finally found time to smoke it instead of making it in the oven. It was an interesting smoke. I was smoking the porketta and also needed to smoke some venison burger for my tator tot hotdish the next night. I forgot to buy little pans so I had one big pan and made seperate containers with tinfoil so one side could have the porketta with beef broth and onions and the other side has my seasoned venison burger. It worked great. Well onto the proketta.

All sliced open ready to rub.

All rubbed and tied.

My makeshift seperation chamber.
I put onions and beef broth under the Porketta.

Ready for the smoker with the venison burger on the other side.

All Done

Another done pic.

Sorry I forgot the sliced pic.
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I guess I can give you 1/2 a point since you forgot the sliced view. biggrin.gif But I want smoke ring next time. & Thanks for making me drool.
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Looks good! How does it compare to the ones you made in the oven? Did you prefer either one over the other? I saw a cooking show featuring porketta -- never had it -- but you bet I plan to make some!!!

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I like them both ways but I really liked the smoked one. My wife was looking around for some recipes for Porketta or Porchetta so we can make our own. The mix I picked up at the grocery store is good but not as good as the one my buddie had when he made it first one. His father in law picked up the meat with the seasoning already on it so we don't know what they used. Probably the butchers secret recipe.
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My girlfriend comes from a strickt Italian family... her old man demands Porketta at least once a week... I will give this a test run and maybe make this for him... looks awesome! points.gif
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Now it does look awesome again and I think I too would prefer it smoked myself.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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